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Welcome to 4 Perth Pest Control – an excellent possum removal company. Here, you will get all the benefits of our professional possum removal services. We are a trusted possum control company that is available 24/7 for offering services on an emergency basis. It is a full-fledged pest control and animal control provider which also provides commercial possum removal services, same-day possum removal and possum trapping service in Perth. Our experts can help you with any nuisance pest issues. We have professional traps, bait and medications to get rid of your unwanted possum sooner.

Possum Removal Perth

If you see a possum in your home, you do not have to try to catch it. We can remove the possum and seal any entry points so that they cannot get back inside. So reliably you can call us for all bookings regarding Possum Removal Perth service.

Legally Certified Possum Removal Perth Company To Save You And Your Property

Are you facing horror nights because of possum howling sounds and nocturnal behaviours? Is your pet not able to stay silent because of possums? It is the right time that you to call our Possum Removal Perth professionals. At 4 Perth Pest Control, we have resources and services which can make your house possum-free. From possum inspection to possum box installation and catching possums to relocating them, we can do everything safely.

We know what a house needs when it has a possum infestation. Our possum control experts will inspect your property and then arrange for possum box installation so that we can catch them ASAP and relocate them to their safe zones. We know all rules and regulations set by the government for possum protection, and we follow them strictly.

If you have made up your mind to get our Possum Removal Perth service, you can call us right away. Our team is available 24/7 to make your service booking process convenient and easy.

Why Is Possum Removal Required?

  • Possums are cute, but they’re also very destructive. They’ll eat any fruit or vegetable in your garden, leaving it ruined and unusable. 
  • They’ll tear up your lawn, leaving bare spots where they’ve been climbing around. And they’ll dig up your trash cans and compost bins, leaving them open. 
  • They cause damage to your property, and they spread diseases like the rabies virus.
  • Plus, they can be dangerous—they’re protected under regulations, but if you’re not careful, you could come into contact with one. 
  • Possums are known for their strong teeth and powerful bite, which can hurt humans if they’re not careful when handling them or if they get caught in your fencing or traps. 

The best way to solve this problem is to remove them before they get too comfortable around your home and start causing problems for you. If you want to keep these critters out of your yard, you need to call a Professional  Possum Removal Perth Service immediately.

How To Confirm Possum Infestation At Your Property?

Confirming possum infestation at your property is not always easy. It can be difficult to find a possum, or you may not know what signs to look for. Possums are nocturnal animals and they often live in trees, so it can be hard to see them during the day. They also like to eat fruit so they are often found near fruit trees and gardens. Possums will also leave droppings on the ground that look like small piles of coffee grounds, or they will leave them in a line on a tree branch. Scratching noises inside your roof or walls. Possums will eat anything from eggs and fruit to garbage and dead animals. They also like to live in attics, trees, and sheds. These can clear your suspicion that there is a possum infestation at your property.

You can also call Possum Removal Experts to clear your suspicion that there is a possum infestation at your property. They can inspect your property and confirm the situation.

How Do We Deal With Possum Infestations?

Possums are nocturnal animals and they are typically seen during the day when they are looking for a new place to live. They can be very destructive and can cause significant damage to your house and yard. So you need a proper plan to get rid of possums. Our professionals do it perfectly.

Professional Inspection for Possums

An inspection of possums on premises is an action that is conducted to find out if there are any possums living on the premises. This type of inspection can be done by a pest control professional or someone who has experience in inspecting for possums.

The first step of this type of inspection is to identify entry points where possums could enter and exit the property. Entry points include windows, doors, eaves, pipes, holes and cracks. The next step is to inspect all areas of the property for signs of a possum infestation such as droppings, scats or tracks. The last step is to identify areas where there may be food sources for a possum like fruit trees or vegetable gardens. These primes areas are targeted for finding possums on a property.

We Catch And Relocate Possums

Possums are one of the most common pests in Perth, Australia. They are protected species, so it is important to be careful when removing them from a property. Here is how we do it. 

  • Our Professional Possum Catchers will use traps to catch possums alive.
  • According to the Western Australia possum removal rules, we will release the animal distant from your property but will not kill or hurt them.

Possum Prevention Tips

Possums can be a nuisance to homeowners and pest control professionals alike. They are hard to trap and often reside in trees, where they can’t be reached. Possums are common in suburban areas, and they can be a nuisance. They have no natural predators, so it is up to you to protect your home from them. If you want to keep possums away even after getting professional possum control, here are prevention tips. 

  • Make sure that your garbage cans are tightly closed and not left out overnight. Possums will get into trash cans and feast on the food inside.
  • If you have an attic, make sure that the access hole is screened off or completely closed off with wire mesh or metal screening. Possums will climb into attics through open vents, chimneys, and other holes in the roof.
  • Close off any holes that possums could use as entry points into the house such as gaps under doors or around pipes or wires going into the house.
  • Keep your edible things in airtight containers. 
  • Hang up bird feeders at least 8 feet above ground level to keep possums away from climbing up.
  • Make sure that you get Professional Possum Inspection services at a regular time.

Why 4 Perth Pest Control?

Need a Possum Removal Service in Perth? We have provided both residential and commercial possum control services to Perth homes and businesses since 1995. We are fully insured, licensed and certified to perform the work required by you.

  • Possums are a protected species in Australia, so it’s illegal to kill them or hurt them in any way. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with their presence! If you’ve got a possum problem, let us know about it so we can help as we have a license to control the possums.
  • We help and provide eco-friendly solutions for trapping and controlling possums in the home.
  • We offer commercial and residential possum control services in Perth.
  • We control different kinds of possums such as eastern grey, brushtail, southern black possums, and northern pygmy possums.
  • Possums dig up gardens and destroy crops by eating them directly. To get rid of possums in the garden, you can also hire us at any time as we are 24/7 available.

Call us now and get free quotes and the same-day availability for possum removal Perth service. We have helped many and you will also get the same help. So you can trust us.

Reasons Why People In Perth Choose Our Possum Removal Services?

For many reasons, people in Perth choose our possum removal team. One reason is our team has 20 possum catchers who have completed 10 or more years in this service. The following are other amazing qualities of our company:

  • We Follow Methods Recommended By The Law: Possum removal methods that we use have been recommended by the law. So everything will be done safely.
  • Affordable Pricing: Our service price is the lowest. Even we provide some extra possum boxes at discounted prices when you need 3-4 possum boxes. 
  • We Catch All Possum Species: Our possum catchers can find and catch all possum species. Some species are more fearful but we can deal with them!
  • Dead Possum Removal: Most possums die in hidden places. Our team helps to find and remove their carcasses. 
  • Availability 24/7: Our team is available 24/7 which supports a hassle-free booking system. 

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